The Company

Streamwide publishes software for fixed-line, mobile, and internet operators. The company offers a full range of services, from voice messaging to videoconferencing.

Streamwide solutions are used daily by tens of thousands of companies, and millions of users from their fixed and mobile phones, computers, and television sets.

In 2013, the company generated revenue of €10.8 million and a net loss of €0.4 million.

Date of creation:
France, Europe, Amérique, Afrique, Asie-Pacifique, Russie, Moyen-Orient
Euronext Growth
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Vincent Bazi
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  • FCPI NextStage Développement 2006
  • FIP NextStage Transmission 2006
  • FCPI NextStage Développement 2007
  • FIP NextStage Transmission 2007
  • FCPI NextStage Découvertes 2008
  • FCPI NextStage Découvertes 2009 2010
  • FCPI NextStage CAP 2016
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  • FCPI NextStage CAP 2017 ISF
  • FCPI NextStage CAP 2017 IR
  • FCPI ISF NextStage CAP 2018
  • FCPI IR NextStage CAP 2018
Pascal Beglin
Pascal Beglin
Président Directeur Général

Pascal Béglin is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique, specialising in telecommunications at ENST and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. He previously worked as marketing and financial director on the partnership project between Sprint, Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom, as deputy general manager business development at Viel Tradition and was CEO and founder of Kertel, one of the very first alternative French operators.

He founded Streamwide in 2001 with Lilian Gaichies.

Lilian Gaichies
Lilian Gaichies
General Manager

A graduate of the Ecole des Mines de Paris, Lilian Gaichies has extensive experience in telecommunications and Internet services. Lilian Gaichies previously worked at France Telecom long distance in Mexico City, was in charge of business development at France Telecom FCR and was in charge of the Internet department at Kertel.

He founded Streamwide in 2001 with Pascal Beglin.