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The Company

Founded in 1981, Réflectiv designs and distributes top-of-the-range adhesive films that enhance the performance of glazing indoors or outdoors (decorative, colour, one-way mirror, heat protection, sun protection, security, anti-graffiti, scratch protection, automotive…). With a complete range of specific films, Reflectiv is now recognized among building professionals as the guarantee of a quality film at a competitive price and accompanied by a unique service (stocks, advice, logistics…). Réflectiv develops films with multiple characteristics in order to meet the very diversified uses of major customers (indoor / outdoor, renovation / large construction site…).

Today, Réflectiv films are sold in more than 100 countries and each month more than 200,000 m² of film are delivered to the company’s customers.

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Nicolas de Saint Etienne
Marie-Léa Soury
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  • FIP NextStage Rendement 2022
  • FIP NextStage Rendement 2021
Jean-Charles Doll
Jean-Charles Doll

For more than 20 years, Jean-Charles Doll, son of the founder, has remarkably developed the company’s international activity, which represents nearly 40% of its turnover in 2016. Managing Director of Reflectiv since 2010, Jean-Charles Doll has decided to partner with NextStage AM in order to acquire a majority stake in the company and pursue Reflectiv’s international growth plan.