The Company

Founded in 2008, Quadriplay Advertainment defines itself as a community media group. Quadriplay Advertainment was set up to take advantage of the market potential and structuring opportunities in below-the-line marketing. The aim is to bring together various players in the below-the-line marketing sector in order to leverage every stage of a product’s sales cycle and provide advertisers with an offer to challenge that of traditional mass market media in terms of efficiency and return on investment. The Group is currently the French leader in moving advertising (taxis, Smart cars, etc.) and a key player in street marketing.

Date of creation:
Ile-de-France et régions
Followed by:
Jean-David Haas
Michaël Strauss-Kahn
Vehicles affected:
  • FIP NextStage Patrimoine
  • FIP NextStage Références 2008
  • FIP NextStage Sélection
  • FIP NextStage Transmission 2007
  • FIP NextStage Transmission 2006
(Français) Valérie de la Vigérie
(Français) Valérie de la Vigérie
Chief Executive Officer

Valérie de la Vigérie founded Di’Hôtesses in 1990. The agency is specialized in street marketing and events hosting. She was appointed General Manager of the Promodip Group in 1999. The company is the leader in field marketing and sales events. In 2006, Valérie decided to create HIGH CO Field Marketing for the HIGH CO Group, a subsidiary specialized in field marketing activities. She launched a new sales website called Ledogshop.com in 2010 then joined the Quadriplay agency’s management team in 2013.