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LinXea is one of France’s leading online life insurance brokers. With more than 20,000 customers and more than €800 million of managed assets, LinXea has grown steadily since it was set up in 2001 and posts strong growth in annual inflows and number of customers.

LinXea’s operational development and the new strategic projects is led by Yves Conan and Stéphane Carlucci, who are both acknowledged specialists in the savings and wealth management sectors. They will bring the LinXea team their respective experience and skills in marketing products and in financial advisory and wealth management services.

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Antoine Delon
Antoine Delon

Antoine has 18 years of experience in the financial markets.
After 10 years at Société Générale as Head of Equity Derivatives activities in the French retail market, he joined Morgan Stanley to develop derivative franchising for retail and institutional clients. Thanks to his perfect knowledge of savings on the French market, he participated in the takeover of LINXEA in 2015 with two partners.

Stéphane Carlucci
Stéphane Carlucci

Stéphane has 15 years of experience in the private banking sector.
A tax lawyer by training, Stéphane quickly specialized in wealth engineering, first at Banque Transatlantique from 2000 to 2006 and then joined LINXEA in 2015.

Yves Conan
Yves Conan

Yves has 17 years of experience in the financial markets.
After 6 years at Banque Transatlantique as a private banker, he became Head of Distribution for structured products with family office at a new derivatives franchise on the French market for Morgan Stanley Bank before participating in the takeover of LINXEA in 2015.