Le Cèdre Rouge
The Company

Since the opening of its first store in Châtelet, Paris in 1985, Le Cèdre Rouge has become one of the specialists in furnishings and interior/exterior decoration. What makes Le Cèdre Rouge unique is that it includes garden furniture and decoration in the indoor universe.

To stabilize and strengthen its brand, Le Cèdre Rouge has specialized in certain products, expanding its range of lighting, fireplaces, tables, outside furniture, and pots.

After full restructuring, the company, managed by Henri le Ménestrel, has seen its revenue grow significantly to exceed the €8‑million mark. Le Cèdre Rouge has refocused on a high value-added concept with the conversion of its Paris store as the real spearhead for the brand and the opening of a 4,000 m² concept store in Fougerolles. The company is now focusing on a new 300 m² showroom for distributing new lines of contemporary lighting products, and a new website.

Date of creation:
Ile de France
Followed by:
Michaël Strauss-Kahn
Grégoire Sentilhes
Marie-Léa Soury
Vehicles affected:
  • FIP NextStage Sélection
  • FIP NextStage Patrimoine
Henri Le Menestrel
Henri Le Menestrel
Chief Executive Officer

Henri Le Menestrel took over a Parisian design store with NextStage in 2008. He was formerly President of Carat France and founded Nextedia, a federation of digital marketing agencies which he sold to Lagardère. He then followed his passion for interior design.