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Harvest is a specialist software publisher for all businesses within the wealth management segment. The SME offers a full range of products and services to banking and insurance networks, and to financial and wealth management advisors.


Harvest has developed considerable expertise in integrating tax, social, financial, and wealth management procedures into simulation software for companies in the banking and insurance sectors, and independent financial advisors in France.


Harvest has brought leading products to the market, such as BIG, which is the leading tool for wealth management professionals, and the Quantix product line, which currently runs on the majority of banking and insurance websites.


In 2013, the company reported revenue of €20.21 million and net income of €2.3 million. Harvest has 175 employees.


The company is listed on Alternext.

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Euronext Growth
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Vincent Bazi
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Brice Pineau
Brice Pineau

A graduate of ESSEC (1982), he began his career at Chase Manhattan Bank. In 1985, he joined Sorefi Ile de France (Caisse d’Epargne Group), in charge of branch productivity tools, particularly sales support software. In 1987, he created BMC-ITD, a simulation software publisher for the financial world, and launched a first range of products around tax calculation, on PC and Minitel. In August 1989, he joined forces with Jean-Michel Dupiot to create Harvest.

Jean-Michel Dupiot
Jean-Michel Dupiot
General Manager

Shortly after graduating from HEC (1984), Jean-Michel Dupiot founded Diagnostic Systèmes, a software publisher for the insurance industry. He developed a range of simulation software applications for retirement and pension benefits and company liabilities.

Jean-Michel founded Harvest with Brice Pineau in August 1989.