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Founded in 2002 in Anglet (Basque Country) by a market specialist entrepreneur, Elie Benmergui, the Glass Partners Solutions group has developed an original model for the distribution and processing of flat glass in France, Spain and Portugal. Thanks to its unique range of 2,500 references available in 24 hours and its level of service provided through its 86 storage points in Europe, either directly or through its partners, the company has established itself over the past 15 years as an essential player in the flat glass sector in a market historically dependent on the world’s leading glass producers.

The group relies on a network and quality partners to meet the local delivery of standard and specific glass for the largest European glass processors and producers.

Thanks to an annual growth rate of over 20%, Glass Partners Solutions has been one of the fastest growing and most dynamic companies in the sector for several years.

In 2013, Glass Partners Solutions took a further important step by acquiring a plant in Madrid for the production of specific laminated glass, which allows the group to produce “overnight” and thus to distinguish itself from the traditional offer on these security products.

Date of creation:
2016 - 07
Followed by:
Jean-David Haas
Aloys de Fontaines
Marie-Léa Soury
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Elie Benmergui
Elie Benmergui

After starting his career in 1983 with the Lasry group (specialising in the international distribution of flat glass), Elie Benmergui rose through the various levels until he became Managing Director, supporting the group’s development, which grew from 2 to 160 employees and reached €40m in turnover.
In 2002, with more experience in the glass market, Elie Benmergui created Glass Partners Solutions; and positioned the group in France, Spain and Portugal in the following years.
Elie Benmergui is a chartered accountant by training.