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Expertissim is the leading Internet platform specialized in the sale and purchase of works of art and antiques authenticated by recognized independent experts.

The company was set up in January 2008 by Gauthier de Vanssay and Igor Montoussé based on the observation that the art market is relatively inaccessible and lacks transparency for the general public. They both share the same vision: to make Expertissim the leading player in the Internet art market, whilst maintaining the guarantees of the traditional market (which are particularly based on trust).

With the support of over 40 of the most highly esteemed independent experts in the market, Expertissim has rapidly established itself as both a trusted third party and the leader in this market segment.

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Nicolas de Saint Etienne
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Olivier Lange
Olivier Lange

Trained as a chartered accountant, Olivier Lange began his career with Arthur Andersen and began to get closer to the art world by setting up the first voluntary sales companies for auctioneers. He joined the Drouot group in 2002 as Chief Financial Officer of Auctionspress / de la Gazette de l’hôtel Drouot, a subsidiary of which he has been Chief Executive Officer since 2005. In May 2011, he was appointed Managing Director of Drouot Patrimoine, the holding company of the Drouot group, which includes several subsidiaries including Drouot Enchère, Auctionspress, Drouot SI, Drouot Formation…