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Demander Justice, co-founded by Jeremy Oinino and Léonard Sellem in 2012, publishes websites that allow daily disputes to be resolved directly via the Internet and without a lawyer. Thanks to a fully automated procedure, Demander Justice facilitates access to law and justice through the sites,, and It allows for amicable action to be brought before the court of first instance or the labour court, and then possibly before the court of first instance. More than 470,000 cases have been processed since the launch of Demander Justice.

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Jean-David Haas
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(Français) Léonard SELLEM
(Français) Léonard SELLEM

Leonard worked as an internal auditor at Schneider Electric for a year before joining the Private Office of Anne-Marie Idrac, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, as an advisor in public relations and digital communication. He then worked for Qwant as CFO. Since 2012, Léonard has been Chief Executive Officer of the Demander Justice group.

Léonard Sellem holds a master’s degree from HEC Paris with a major in Digital Business Strategy. He is also a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications.

(Français) Jérémy OININO
(Français) Jérémy OININO

During his years of study, Jérémy co-founded SARL Commerce-en-France, a Web-based software publishing company for Internet content management (CMS). He subsequently co-founded KOEOS SAS, an Internet fundraising platform for unlisted companies. Currently, Jérémy is co-founder and president of OCP Finance, structuring and management of investment holding companies in innovative companies, as well as Demander Justice, a website for managing dematerialized legal proceedings.

Jeremy Oinino holds a Master’s degree in Management and a Master’s degree in New Technologies from HEC Paris.