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Axway is a market leader in data flow governance and provides software to more than 11,000 clients in the private and public sectors in 100 countries. Axway provides large companies with technology solutions that enable better management of strategic data flows within the company, with external partners, within B2B communities, with the cloud, and with mobile devices.

In 2013, the company generated revenue of €237.5 million and net income of €35.6 million. Axway is listed on the B segment of Eurolist.

Date of creation:
Annecy, Paris
Eurolist B
Followed by:
Vincent Bazi
Vehicles affected:
  • FCPI NextStage Développement 2006
  • FCPI NextStage Développement 2007
  • FIP NextStage Transmission 2007
  • FCPI NextStage Découvertes 2008
  • FCPI NextStage Découvertes 2009 2010
  • FCPI NextStage CAP 2016
  • FCPI IR NextStage CAP 2018
  • FCPI ISF NextStage CAP 2018
  • FCPI NextStage CAP 2017 IR
  • FCPI NextStage CAP 2017 ISF
Christophe Fabre
Christophe Fabre
Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer and member of Axway’s Board of Directors, Christophe Fabre is in charge of the company’s global development. Since its appointment in 2005 as head of Axway and to the Executive Committee of Sopra Group, the company has tripled its revenue. It successfully completed its spin-off from Sopra Group and was listed on NYSE Euronext (AXW) in 2011. Christophe Fabre led Axway’s acquisitions of Cyclone Commerce (B2B), Tumbleweed Communications Corporation (Managed File Transfer and Security) and Vordel (API).

Christophe Fabre is a graduate of the Institut d’Informatique et Mathématiques Appliquées de Grenoble where he obtained a DESS in Computer Engineering in 1993. In 1995, he joined Sopra Group in the division that would become Axway in 2001. During this period, he led several research and development projects to develop new generation middleware components. Appointed Chief Technology Officer in 2003, he led the consolidation of all the company’s existing products into a single software platform.