The Company

Aubay is one of the top-five general IT services companies in France, with offices in Italy, Belgium, and the Iberian peninsula.

Today, more than 50% of its business is based on multi-year contracts.

The Group works mainly with large companies that have a strong presence in banking (40% of revenue: Société Générale, BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole) and insurance (10% with mutual health companies), telecoms (8% with Siemens, Orange, Telefonica), industry, transportation (10% with Airbus, Air Liquide), and government agencies (12%  with the Belgian government, European institutions, etc.).

In 2013, Aubay generated revenue of €211 million and net income of €9 million.

Date of creation:
Eurolist C
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Vincent Bazi
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Philippe Rabasse
Philippe Rabasse

Managing Director and co-founder of the Aubay group, Philippe Rabasse is a graduate of ENSIMAG. He started his career in the consulting and IT engineering sector in 1987 at Marben, first as a consultant and then as head of agency at Marben-Sligos. In 1995, he became Chief Executive Officer of Atos Consulting Finance, which he left in 1998 to found Aubay.

Christophe Andrieux
Christophe Andrieux
Deputy General Manager for Belgium and France

Christophe Andrieux is Aubay Group’s Deputy General Manager for Belgium and France.

He was previously the General Manager of Aubay Consultant Télécoms (ex-Iksen), President of Aubay Capitalinvest and Director of Adex SA. He has been a Member of Aubay’s Executive Management team since 1998 and is a Member of Aubay’s Supervisory Board.