Attestation Legale
The Company

Co-founded at the end of 2010 by Renaud Sornin, Attestation Légale launched in 2012 a platform for sharing BtoB documents in SaaS mode, enabling each company to put its unique administrative file online “once for all”. Each company can then make its file visible to all the principals with whom it works.
Well established on the French construction market, where it now occupies a leading position, the Attestation Légale platform is a collaborative information and services tool that makes it possible to collect, digitize, authenticate, archive and secure all the administrative documents (legal, financial, social and legal) necessary for the good relationship between “principals” and “suppliers”. Thanks to this online platform, companies’ daily lives are simplified, their customer-supplier relationships are secure and sustainable.
In hyper growth since its creation, Attestation Légale has 85 employees and service providers with a consolidated turnover of nearly 5 million euros in 2017, and is one of the 4 strat-up labelled Pass French Tech in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Attestation Légale was ranked 122nd in the Financial Times’ European ranking of growth champions.

Date of creation:
Lyon, France
Followed by:
Julien Potier
Vehicles affected:
  • FCPI NextStage CAP 2023 ISF
  • FIP NextStage Convictions 2024
  • FIP NextStage Rendement 2022
Renaud Sornin
Renaud Sornin
Co-Founder and President

Renaud Sornin, an INSAlien engineer by training, held the position of Director of Purchasing and Development of the Bouygues Construction Group before creating Attestation Légale.

Romain Benoit
Romain Benoit
General Director

Romain Benoit met Renaud at Bouygues Construction in 2004 and then joined him at Attestation Légale in 2012 as head of customer service to become its CEO in 2015.