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Created in 2008, Atream is an independent management company approved by the AMF in 2013, specialising in the creation, management and investment advice of real estate funds for institutional and private investors.
Atream currently manages more than €1.5 billion in assets, mainly in tourism real estate. From the outset, Atream has chosen to specialize in this segment of tourism and to structure a dedicated team of experienced investors, offering unique expertise to large institutional investors in the context of long-term partnerships. On the strength of the success of its institutional offer, Atream initiated in 2015 an opening towards the general public to enable retail investors to benefit from the opportunities of tourist real estate, one of the most promising segments of the real estate market.

Date of creation:
Paris, France
France and Europe
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Aloys de Fontaines
Nicolas de Saint Etienne
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Grégory Soppelsa
Grégory Soppelsa

After graduating from EDHEC, Gregory Soppelsa began his career in audit at Ernst & Young for 4 years.
Before co-founding Atream in 2008, he held the position of Director of Investments and Development at Auteuil Investissement (a real estate investment and development company) for 5 years.

Pascal Savary
Pascal Savary

Pascal Savary took up various positions in the management of the Accor group before becoming Chief Executive Officer of CGEI REIM (Groupe Caisse d’Epargne).

Before co-founding Atream in 2008, he was Director of Acquisitions and Funds at STAM EUROPE (real estate asset manager).