Entrepreneur success stories

SCETBONYoram Assous, President and René Scetbon, General Manager of Aasset Security

Designer and distributor of video surveillance products and solutions


“We’ve been very happy to have NextStage AM by our side since 2007 to help us structure and scale up – internationally as well – while strengthening Aasset’s entrepreneurial spirit.”


As part of its 2007 investment, NextStage AM has provided active support to the Aasset Group team to help the company grow.






Georges LibermanGeorges Liberman, President of XIRING 

Creator of security solutions for electronic transactions


“I was very happy with the quality of the NextStage AM teams we worked with on a regular basis over a three-year period. They clearly had excellent vision and in-depth knowledge of the company. They followed the company and its results closely without becoming involved in its management. NextStage AM was a professional and loyal shareholder thanks to its philosophy of long-term support and its dynamic management of the holding over time.”


NextStage began providing its support to XIRING and its President, Georges Liberman, in June 2009.




jean ROUSSEAUJean Rousseau, President of ACR Group

Multi-specialist automotive spare parts distributor


“NextStage AM’s arrival in 2010 encouraged us to accelerate our development strategy. We got the resources needed to strengthen our regional network and extend the availability of our H+4 delivery service (delivery within four hours after ordering). This meant that we could offer optimal quality of service to our customers throughout France. In addition to the business aspects, we’ve been very happy with the relationship of trust we’ve built with NextStage AM. They’ve been a very active partner at our side.”


NextStage AM is now passing the baton to Autodistribution after providing its support to a development plan that enabled ACR Group to become a strategic player in its sector and double its revenue in four years.



OOlivier Laouchez, CEO of TRACE Group

Media and brand group


NextStage AM was there at the key moment when we needed financing to launch the new TRACE Sport Stars chain, which now accounts for one-third of TRACE’s revenue. In addition to its financial support, the NextStage AM  team, Grégoire Sentilhes and Michaël Strauss-Kahn, shared their experience and strategic vision of the media and digital industry with us. That helped us grow internationally by providing us with extensive information and providing extremely helpful advice and contacts.”